The Furniture Co.

Commitment To Quality

Establishment of The Furniture Co. happened for a few reasons. Out of which Quality happens to be on our top priority. Making a piece of furniture is pure craftsmanship and so is procuring the right quality material, which goes into making our every product. The quality standards which we have set, makes our furniture stands apart in the market.

  • We only use seasoned and treated wood, procured from our list of certified dealers, followed by a quality check by our Solid Wood experts.
  • For making our products more beautiful, durable and perfectly designed we use Feather Cushions, Memory foam, high end upholstery as standard products through all our product line.
  • Our solid wood furniture comes with a lifetime manufacturing and termite resistant warranty.

A Positive Force For People

For us, our customers are family and we work hard every day to deliver high-quality products at the best price possible. Our core strength is the extremely experienced craftsmen we have working with us for ages.

The Founders

Rishiraj Singh Shekhawat


Payal Tanwar